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I, Rajan Maharjan, a core PHP developer who does web/app programming & software developments in different PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter etc have completed Master of Business Administration (MBA) which have supported me to lead various projects with proper management and planning. Currently I am a Database Administrator (DBA) and application developer in one of the renowned organization in banking industry of Nepal and have been working in projects management, client co-ordination-&-communication, testing and debugging.
My interest to visit different places and meet new faces have always been source of my learning. Apart from database programming and PHP frameworks I also do jQuery, AJAX, AngularJs, NodeJs, Python, Wordpress, Joomla etc. which are frequently used in Application Development and Design.

DBA & Software/Web/App Developer.

Laravel, CodeIgnitor, jQuery, AJAX, ORACLE, MYSQL, AngularJs, Python

  • Birth-year: 1984
  • Academic Degree: Master
  • Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Freelance: Available
  • hangout: friendship«DOT»rajan
  • Email: mail <@> rajanmaharjan«DOT»com.np
  • Phone: [+977]-985 ( 1122 ) ( 778 )
  • Website: http://rajanmaharjan.com[.np]

#DatabaseAdministrator and professional #WebDeveloper cum #SoftwareEngineer with more than 15 years of experience. Proficient in diverse range of #ApplicationDevelopment, including PHP Frameworks like Laravel, CI and JS Frameworks like AngularJS, nodeJS etc and in various databases like Oracle, MYSQL, MSSQL. Excellent communicator with advanced presentation and delivery skills. Analytical thinker with quick and effective resolutions to technical problems. Willing to contribute my knowledge, skills and ability with faith and in obedient manner for better performance and execution of any project in efficient and effective manner.


Master in Business Administration

Feburary 2010 – November 2014

ACE Institute of Management, Kathmandu

Affiliation to Pokhara University, Pokhara

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

September 2003 - March 2008

Kathmandu Engineering College, Kathmandu

Affiliation to Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu

Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) – Physical Group

August 2001 – August 2003

Birendra Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Bhaktapur

Affiliation to Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu


SQL Server 2012 Training

March 2013-April 2013

Microsoft Innovation Center, Nepal

Oracle Certified Professional 10g

100 Hours of Training, November 2007

Computer Point Nepal

Professional Experience

  • Administrating, supporting and monitoring various databases like MSSQL, Oracle, MYSQL and resolving database issues.
  • Customization and Troubleshooting of core banking software - FINACLE and its scripts.
  • Application development for various automation of banking process related to SWIFT, Core Banking, Business Intelligence etc. using Oracle, PHP, MYSQL, PL/SQL etc.
  • Built varieties of reports thru Oracle Forms/Report Builder
  • Process automation thru PowerShell, Power app, Power Automate, MS-Forms, Power Virtual Agent etc.
  • Monitor SWIFT & its related software, sanction screening, Payment Control System etc. and making tools for SWIFT
  • Integration of various APIs thru API Management, Finacle Integrator, Video KYC, Workflow & Document Management

Senior Web Programmer

10 November 2011 – 27 July 2012

ebPearls Pvt. Ltd., Lalitpur

  • Responsible for database design and programming related to web based software
  • Supervise the team during development as well as during requirement analysis of websites
  • Consulting and discussion with clients to develop specifications as required
  • Plan and design database design and framework concept.
  • Analyze and evaluate system programs
  • Develop the software and supervise on coding to needy team members
  • Assist project manager in defining milestone during software development cycle
  • Test the application built/coded and fix the bugs if any

Senior Software Engineer

01 July 2010 – 15 August 2011

WORXpro Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu

  • Planning and Designing Software
  • Design and develop database as per technical specification.
  • Dealing with issues reported by clients and/or Quality assurance team
  • Develop the software to meet system requirement
  • Testing and Documenting Software


Few of the articles I have created during my life.

बाल दिवस

खोइ केहो बाल दिवस भनेको
जहाँ बालकहरुलाईे हेला हुन्छ
खोइ के हो बाल अधिकार भनेको
जहाँ बालकहरुको अधिकार सोशण हुन्छ ।

भन्छन बालक भविष्यका कर्णधार हुन्
तर त्यही बालक भइरहेछ होटलका नोकर
भन्छन बालक एक भविष्यका तारा हुन
तर त्यही बालक भइरहेछ एउटा खाते

गर्नुपर्छ मद्दत हामीले बालकहरुलाई
दिनुपर्छ अधिकार हामीले बालकलाई
यसैलाइृ भन्छन सबैले
यहि हो बाल दिवस

कसलाई के थाहाँ बाल दिवस भनेको
कसलाई के थाहाँ कहिले हो बाल दिवस

Penciled on:  2053 B.S

My beloved Mother

O! My beloved mother
I love you more
You gave me birth
To look the world.

You prepare food for me
When I was child
You love me and make me great
I became glad.

You wash my clothes
When I was child
I want to meet you
But you are not in the world.

Your beloved son is remembering you
But you don’t come true.

Inked date: 28th Poush 2053
(In the memory of MY LATE MOTHER)


“You don’t value sunshine until you are in rain. When you realize, it’s too late for an umbrella” this is what I’ve realized after going through the experience of my own. Once, I met a beautiful girl and I wanted to be her friend. I started talking to her on the phone with fake identity. I lied to her. As she was my neighbor we used to talk properly whenever we meet on the way. This process continued for couple of months. I kept calling her, and on meeting we talked as we were only neighbors. Only I knew I was acting two roles: as a Phone Friend and a neighbor. We were being very good friends.

Later, I realized that I had to be honest with her. So I told her every single truth; from the day of our first meeting. To my surprise, she told me that she had guessed it was me. I was so relieved to hear that. We became much closer than before. We started meeting each other more than we used to do. We called each other on alternate days and talked for hours. But, neither she nor I had taken our relationship seriously straight to the heart for the matter of love. We were just more than good friends. There was a bit of attraction but I mistook it for infatuation.

One day, she had to migrate with her parents to some other place. Neither she had my changed number nor did I have hers. So our communication gap increased to a great deal. Till date I haven’t met her or heard from her. And now she’s gone I am feeling something that I have never felt before: “I think I AM IN LOVE. Now, I’ve realized it wasn’t just infatuation it was much more than that. I truly miss her. I hope she could return back and contact me so that we can give our friendship a new meaning.

Composed Date: 13th January, 2006

API to get today's Nepali Date

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  2. To get Today’s English Date
  3. To get specific date or year or month or day
    1. To get year (e.g: २०७४ )
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    3. For date (e.g: ३०)
    4. To get day (e.g: शुक्रबार )
Developed On: 13th January, 2016

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Core PHP90%
Wordpress/CMS 31%
Finacle (CBS)68%

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